Carbon reporting and compliance

Developing and submitting greenhouse gas (GHG) reports with the latest reporting guidelines, facilitating 3rd party verification, applying for free carbon allowances


Cap and trade cost analysis

Customized analysis based on assumptions/scenarios for carbon prices, policy risk, changes in facility energy efficiency and emissions and other factors


Accessing the cap and trade market

Acting as an account representative, purchasing allowances at auction, trading allowances, buying offsets in the secondary market, accessing government funding





Energy and carbon strategy and funding

Offering energy and carbon expertise and advice, development of corporate and climate change strategies and plans, accessing provincial and federal programs and funding


Policy and program expertise and advice

Delivering electricity and natural gas efficiency program incentives, market and policy analysis, compliance reporting, access to an energy and carbon support network


Community energy planning

Developing municipal energy plans, baseline inventory, community engagement and identifying priority actions, applying for funding, driving project implementation





Canadian utility energy use and price database

Conducting energy use analysis and cost comparisons for customers of Canadian electric and natural gas utilities, customer segmentation and profiling


Energy costs and cap and trade dashboards

Development of customized dashboards presenting information on energy use, prices, costs, emissions, as well as cap and trade costs and compliance information


Research, analysis and summary reports

Providing support, advice and execution on a variety of research projects, customized analysis of energy and cap and trade data, expert report writing and briefings





Working group coordination

Chairing and coordination of working groups, advisory committees and other groups of individuals and organizations that need to work towards achieving common objectives


Workshop facilitation

Offering facilitation and organizational services related to workshops, seminars and conferences, including agenda development, structure and format and summary reports


Energy and Carbon Communications

Development of factsheets, briefings, webpage and other content that simplifies complicated energy and carbon projects and concepts for a range of audiences