Are you a real estate developer, or building owner and operator? Laszlo Energy Services can help you prepare for emerging energy reporting regulations and sustainable energy certifications. Read more below.


Mandatory Energy and Water Reporting for Large Buildings to Ontario’s Ministry of Energy

Mandatory energy and water reporting for large buildings comes into effect on July 1, 2018. The regulation, implemented by the Ontario Ministry of Energy, requires building owners to disclose energy and water consumption for buildings of over 250,000 square feet.

LES supports building owners, operators and property managers with energy and water reporting services. 

City of Toronto Energy Strategy for Large Development Proposals

Real estate developers in Toronto are required to submit an Energy Strategy in association with an Official Plan Amendment, zoning by-law amendment or Plan of Subdivision for applications for large development proposals over 20,000 m², or for developments within a Council-approved Community Energy Plan area. This energy reporting requirement provides an opportunity for you to consider alternative energy systems that may lead to significant energy savings, among other benefits.

LES supports real estate developers and REITs with the development of the Energy Strategy required as part of the City of Toronto’s energy reporting requirements.

Toronto Green Standard Energy Modelling Report

The Toronto Green Standard is a tiered set of performance measures and guidelines that promote energy efficient site and buildings for new developments. The Toronto Green Standard Version 3 will come into effect on May 01, 2018.

Buildings greater than 2,000 m² Gross Floor Area are required to submit an energy modelling report prior to site plan approval to demonstrate compliance with Tier 1 of the Toronto Green Standard.

Builders pursuing Tier 2 or greater, are required to submit an “As-Constructed Stage Energy Report” and must have reports verified by an approved third party. Those pursuing Tier 2 or greater may also be eligible to receive a refund on development charges.

LES works with developers and REITs with developing Energy Modelling Reports as required by the Toronto Green Standard as well as providing guidance with respect to Toronto Green Standard Tiers 2-4. 


Voluntary ENERGY STAR Building Certification

ENERGY STAR for commercial buildings is now available in Canada. ENERGY STAR is a trusted symbol for identifying energy-efficient buildings. ENERGY STAR utilizes the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, a free tool offered by Natural Resources Canada that allows you to benchmark and monitor the use of energy and water in your buildings.

LES works with building owners, operators and property managers to verify ENERGY STAR for commercial building applications.

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