To his own astonishment, Richard has now been working on energy and climate policies and technology for nearly 15 years with a variety of public, private and non-profit organizations and has facilitated and spoken at dozens of workshops and events across Canada. Richard has been providing customized energy and carbon policy, strategy and communications expertise to corporate, utility and government clients under Laszlo Energy Services since 2010. As a Senior Associate with QUEST, Richard chairs the Ontario CHP Consortium, representing over 130 energy leaders from 70 organizations committed to moving combined heat and power (CHP) policies and projects forward. Richard’s research and advocacy work with QUEST includes Resilient Pipes and Wires, examining energy distributor actions and government policies in response to extreme weather events and Getting to Implementation in Canada! an initiative aimed at helping communities implement their Community Energy Plans. Richard is the proud author of Pollution Probe’s Primer on Energy Systems in Canada, and contributed to the development of the Ontario’s Renewable Energy Approval under the Green Energy and Green Economy Act.
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Mahmood Zare has more than ten years’ experience as a mechanical design engineer in the oil and gas industry where he has gained a wealth of knowledge in design, procurement and commissioning of different equipment such as gas engines, generators, refrigeration packages, heat pumps and compressors. He conducted testing and analyzed test results and supervised installation and commissioning of various equipment in the field. In addition, Mahmood is familiar with energy conservation and efficiency measures, heat recovery systems and behind the meter generation including Combined Heat and Power (CHP). He has extensive expertise in analyzing and processing data as well as compiling accurate and detailed reports. Mahmood holds a Masters degree in mechanical engineering and is currently completing a Master of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at Ryerson University. Mahmood’s passion is in bringing new ideas to the public as an engineer. The essential skills of systematic research, analytical thinking, and problem-solving which he acquired during his work experience and education have provided him a thorough and practical insight for solving energy and sustainability challenges facing society.

Mahmood Zare, M.M.E  | Analytics Engineer  |



Sarah Van de Vooren is a Sustainability Consultant who works with organizations from various industries to achieve regulatory compliance, sustainability program objectives and positive user engagement. She believes presenting relatable data and triple bottom line recommendations to clients successfully engages stakeholders to action, achieving sustainability goals that benefit both current and future generations. As a cosmology enthusiast, Sarah understands the uniqueness and fragility of our planet and chooses to consistently engage others through her work to communicate the importance of sustainability action. Sarah has an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys working in a wide range of environments from the budding start-up to internal corporate ventures. She brings to the table valuable organization, process and function experience that is adaptable to any project or team. Sarah is a certified waste auditor with the Recycling Council of Ontario, bringing her auditing, data analysis and reporting expertise to LES as a Cap and Trade Specialist. She holds a Bachelors Degrees in Environmental Science from Western University and continues her professional development with on-going courses from various respectable on-line resources.

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Sarah Marchionda is an energy and climate change planning professional with expertise in community energy planning, climate change policy and stakeholder engagement. Prior to working with Laszlo Energy Services, Sarah worked in a research and project management capacity at QUEST – Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow – where she led the Community Energy Planning: Getting to Implementation in Canada initiative, among other regional and national projects focused on advancing Smart Energy Communities. She holds a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning from Ryerson University and a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University and is a Candidate Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and the Ontario Professional Planners Institute.

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